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Meticulous medical malpractice defense

No one should be made to suffer at the hands of someone who is supposed to provide them care. If you are injured at the hands of a medical professional, call Philip J. Geib, P.C. today. We fight hard to ensure medical professionals uphold a good standard of medical practice. It's our specialty!

If the medical care you or a loved one has received fails to meet the standard of good medical practice, you may be entitled to compensation and the medical professional may be held liable. Receive the damages you deserve for your injuries with Philip J. Geib, P.C. Call today to receive your FREE initial consultation.

Receive the care you deserve

•  Doctors

•  Nurses

•  Medical technicians

•  Other healthcare providers

"Medical professionals" include

When you need quality, experienced assistance, contact Philip J. Geib, P.C. Call today.


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